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  • Signup your business.
  • List your employees.
  • Employees receive monthly PreBit.
  • Business receives mass advertising.
  • Gain new local customer support.
  • Profit from Britain`s major industry.

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Generating People wealth

Working for every resident.


Secondary income

Personal incentive for supporting Britain`s economy.


supporting local

Uniting local communities. The British network that matters.


Backing British

British innovation designed to benefit every resident.

Free for Britain`s residents

Major Industry Profit Share

The People Profit project aims to ensure that Britain`s major industry supports small business, local economies, generating secure nationwide employment and a greater individual wealth. No one is excluded from the benefits of supporting Britain.

Your Britain - your profit

Every resident supporting local small business members can share in the profits of our major industry and innovation.

United we can target inequality, securing jobs, reduce the cost of living and increase individual wage and wealth.

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PeopleProfit logo

funding communities

Nationwide projects will deliver funds back to local small business, local people and local charities.

Britain united, innovating new major industry profit share for every resident.